Hello ladies and gentlemen. The following content we prepared for you this time will provide you with essential information regarding our township hack and things we offer. Except for that, we will also give you a brief instruction how to use our tools and what to expect from them. Let’s begin!

Who are you?

We are the programming specialists, who spend a lot of time on cracking securities and bypassing safety measures applied by producers of computer games. More information can be found in “About Us” sub-page!

What features do you offer?

Our applications provide you with essential functions that facilitate the game. We mean here generators for resources, points, and other currency. Except for that, one can also find here individual scripts that unlock lockable items and other things available in your favorite games.

To what games do you release hacks?

In most cases, there are mobile games, but if we receive enough requests regarding some browser game or other mini-game, we publish tools to these titles as well. We don’t choose particular genres or type of games. Of course, if there is a game we like playing, it will be prioritized. However, the rest goes according to the request list!

How to use your hacks?

The whole process of using our applications is straightforward and it doesn’t require any knowledge or anything like that. You just launch the tool, set your account name, and after that everything proceeds according to the popups and text boxes you can find there.